Sales Force Assessment and Development Process

Sales Force Assessment and Development Process

Focused Energy

Sales Force Assessment Process Provides Clarity, Accountability, and Results


Problem/Opportunity Statement:

Focused Energy in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a renewable energy equipment wholesale distributor that provides best-in-class grid-tie PV components was experiencing inconsistencies in performance with its sales force.

Focused Energy Santa Fe



BV Alan identified improvements not only with the sales force but with the Sales Manager roles and the company. The focus areas included but were not limited to:

• Benchmark existing sales resource role and develop a set of Position Expectations (PE) that explicitly detailed the accountabilities, responsibilities, and requirements for the role.

• Developed the Sales Manager role PE to ensure that the role was in alignment with the management of the sales force deliverables and metrics.

• Held a team development session to engage the sales force in the improvement process of the staff members

• Developed an evaluation process to assess existing employee’s capabilities in the sales role.

• Creation of individual development plans for sales force to meet and exceed new requirements.

In addition to the original scope of improvements BV Alan helped Focused Energy develop their company values and goals.



• Redesign of the sales force role and sales manager role that is in complete alignment to the company’s values, mission and goals.

• A robust employee evaluation process that led to employee alignment to the goals and metrics in order to improve sales performance.

• Development of the organization’s values, core metrics and goals by the leadership staff.

Today the company and its sales force are operating to consistent expectations and in alignment to the company’s culture and values.


Client Testimonial

Focused Energy Santa FeBoaz Soifer
Vice President of Sales, Focused Energy

“BV Alan worked with me to develop a Position Expectation for our Sales Manager role, to increase the success of recruitment and retention of our sales force.

Work on the PE expanded into a more comprehensive examination of our goals, informed an exploration and definition of company values and culture, and resulted in an assessment and development process for sales reps that provides clarity, accountability, and results.

Throughout our work together BV Alan provided expert input and access to resources related to various aspects of Organizational Development. They remained available and engaged as our scope evolved and they were extremely valuable throughout the project. We plan to implement additional work with BV Alan, and would not hesitate to recommend them to others for a wide range of OD initiatives.”

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