Nonprofit Organizational Design

Nonprofit Organizational Design


Nonprofit Organizational Design for Association Membership Growth

The National Association of Woman Business Owners of New Mexico (NAWBO NM) was experiencing a decline in their membership. The NAWBO NM Board asked BV Alan to help them identify the potential root causes and to and develop a nonprofit organizational design strategy to improve membership growth.


Problem Opportunity Statement:

BV Alan performed an Organizational Assessment to look for gaps between member expectations and the board’s current and future strategies for programming.




BV Alan held member focus groups to understand their expectations of NAWBO and to have members identify what an “Ideal organization” would look like. This lead BV Alan to an Organizational Design effort that included revising their strategy, structure, required capabilities, recruitment, direct measures and processes/systems to satisfy their members’ expectations. During the process, BV Alan provided:

• Restructuring of board roles and responsibilities to align with member expectations, and identifying the required deliverables to meet them.

• Creation of recruitment, selection and an onboarding plan for each board member in order to transition the roles without losing continuity between members.

• Development of board member integration plans to ensure succession and onboarding success in a short amount of time.



• Redevelopment of the NAWBO NM mission and strategic value proposition focused on members.

• Redesign of the board’s business practices, structure, people systems and metrics.

• Development of board member recruitment strategy to attract members with specific skills required to deliver the strategy of the association.

• Creation of position expectations for each board member to reflect the new role required to deliver to the expectations.

• Defined a succession planning process to help with transitioning board members.


As a result the NAWBO NM board committed to implementing the organization redesign elements in 2013 to ensure provide what membership wanted. Existing members renewed their membership based on the board’s improvement process. Today, NAWBO continues to trend for positive growth.

NAWBO held a retreat and invited BV Alan back to integrate in the newly recruited members and help them understand the process that was done in 2012.


Client Testimonial

nawboVP of Strategic Oversight
National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) New Mexico Chapter

“I worked with BV Alan on a long-term Strategic/Organizational Development project as the VP of Strategic Oversight for the NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) New Mexico Chapter. Hiring BV Alan was the best decision this chapter could have made. They are consummate professionals leading our Board through a complicated process with ease and patience. BV Alan was honest, personable and delivered the highest quality work from beginning to end. Our outcomes were better than we anticipated.”

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