Job Design and Position Benchmarking

Job Design and Position Benchmarking

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center

Medium Scale Job Design and Position Benchmarking Process


A major New Mexico medical group started construction of a new hospital. BV Alan Inc. was retained by the CEO as a coach for the executive team to help them design and develop their organization and to establish position expectations associated with the organizational design.


Organizational Design & Development

Initially all management hired went through a Strengths Assessment complemented by the Workstyle Pattern Assessment to understand their top strengths, work preferences, and potential limitations so they could be utilized in the best position to the start up of the hospital operations.

The assessment results were utilized to define four key phases for the hospital’s development:

  1. Green Field Development
  2. Start up
  3. Ramp
  4. Sustaining


UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center

Metrics for a New Workstyle

After these phases were identified the accountabilities, roles and responsibilities and metrics were set to manage the work activities. When phases changed so did the expectations and the need for a different workstyle.


Building High Performance Teams

The executive team quickly learned and embraced that when building high performing teams a key element understands that when work shifts the expectations need to shift so people are aligned to the requirements of work.

This awareness has been utilized and complemented by the assessments to advance each position requirements in terms of accountabilities, responsibilities and key metrics.


Employee & Patient Satisfaction Improvements

The Hospital was recently named the best placed to work in NM for large business and its patient satisfaction scores are in the 96th percentile in its region.


Client Testimonial

Kevin Rogols UNM Sandoval Regional Medical CenterKevin Rogols
President and CEO at UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center has used BV Alan for team building and coaching for the past two years. They helped our Executive Team better understand each other’s expectations, strengths and preferences. This knowledge enabled us to form a very effective and efficient team that built and occupied a new 72 bed hospital, and oversee that hospital on an ongoing basis. BV Alan also was called upon to intervene in a few departments that were struggling to meet physician and employee expectations and they oversaw a team development approach that led to much greater physician satisfaction and retention of department staff.

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