Improve Management Structure

Improve Management Structure

The UPS Store

Aligning Staff to Support Future Technology Investments


Problem/Opportunity Statement:

A packaging and shipping franchise needed to improve management structure and alignment of its people to their service model in order to grow the business to support future technology investments.

The client company had a solid reputation as a manufacturing facility that delivered quality products.

Sales and service were the constraint to the company’s growth and the market was shifting rapidly.


The UPS Store Albuquerque


BV Alan examined the structure and design of managerial roles to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of growing employee capability to raise revenue per employee.

BV Alan leveraged the embedded manufacturing philosophies that were in place and combined these with robust metrics and performance indicators to begin changing the paradigm of the traditional sales model being utilized.



Two management roles and a customer service representative role were redesigned in the organization.

A gap/growth analysis was done to develop existing employees in the role, as well as to identify future talent required to grow the workforce capability and company’s revenues.

In addition, a skill/proficiency assessment was developed and implemented to measure existing employee capabilities as well as to develop their skills to the company’s requirements.

Today the company operates successfully with fewer employees.


Client Testimonial

Amy Bigbee UPS Store President and General ManagerAmy Bigbee
UPS Store President and General Manager

The best way to describe what BV Alan has done for my organization is to give an example: last month, we lost one full-time employee, another dropped from f/ t to p/t AND our manager moved to another state. With an average of 5 employees, that is a big hurdle to overcome. But, thanks to the tremendous work we had done with BV Alan earlier this year, I was prepared and able to identify exactly who and what type of candidate(s) I needed. For years I had filled employment voids out of desperation and with no clear idea of who I was looking for. BV Alan has cleared up all cloudy issues and helped my organization create its own strength.”

Thomas Hockman UPS Manager

BV Alan will help you reach your goals with great tools, solid ideas, and a remarkable mix of 30,000-foot-view with nitty-gritty tasks.”

“At The UPS Store, we brought in BV Alan to help us get a handle on how to organize our team, refine our processes, and just generally figure out how to “make all the wheels on the bus go round.”

It didn’t take more than a meeting or two to start mining gold from this relationship. They used their expertise (and objectivity) to help us figure out who we are, what jobs we do, what the business does, where we want everything to be in the future, and how to make it all fit together.


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