Creating a Sales and Customer Service Culture in a Manufacturing Company

Creating a Sales and Customer Service Culture in a Manufacturing Company

Desert Paper and Envelope

Translating Lean Manufacturing to Customer Service Culture


Problem/Opportunity Statement:

BV Alan helped this manufacturing company improve their customer service culture, effectively leverage manufacturing capacity, and increase sales.



The manufacturing systems at this company were very strong and systematically ingrained in production environment.

The company had a solid reputation as a manufacturing facility who delivered well with quality products.

Sales and service were the constraint to the company’s growth and the market was shifting rapidly.

BV Alan leveraged the embedded manufacturing philosophies that were in place and combined these with robust metrics and performance indicators to begin changing the paradigm of the traditional sales model being utilized.


Desert Paper & Envelope Company


The sales and customer service teams were merged and the processes adjusted to leverage the strengths of team members.

Key metrics and a dash board were established to track success that mirrored the manufacturing environment.

A cultural change across the company was put in place which has positioned the company as a sales and customer oriented business that is backed directly my strong manufacturing entity.

Revenue and overall business results back on track and the company was able to shift a key market segment and position itself as a leader in the region.


Client Testimonial

Ella Leeper, President at Desert Paper & Envelope CompanyElla Leeper
President at Desert Paper & Envelope Company

Working with BV Alan has infused a new energy into our workplace. Their expertise in optimizing workplace processes and integrating efficiencies helped us achieve our company goals and moved my sales team to a new level. BV Alan’s honest and open approach, supported by measurable metrics has enabled us to implement a sustainable system with complete team buy-in. Our revenue and overall business results are back on track as a result of the process improvements that Dave helped us identify and implement.


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