The Companies and clients that we are honored to have served
Dave is a trusted advisor who has helped us establish a new work culture through role clarity and employee evaluations, integrating quality and lean practices, adjusting our workflow and processes, and enhancing our facility layout. We have improved in the areas safety, quality, production and output; resulting in higher customer satisfaction and consistent growth.

Brandon Ikola - Vice President Versatile Trailers
I would recommend David as an authority in Operational Excellence to help improve any operational challenge your company is currently experiencing.

Ruben Barela, Operations Manager Hot Shot Services
Dave was the breakthrough we were looking for to improve the management of our inventory control systems and processes. ACC Health struggled internally for years to define the best methodologies and to effectively utilize our systems. Dave successfully integrated directly into our work environment and led our operations team through robust improvements.

Todd Bowers, Operations Manager ACC Healthcare
Working with David has infused a new energy into our workplace. His expertise in optimizing workplace processes and integrating efficiencies helped us achieve our company goals and moved my sales team to a new level. Dave’s honest and open approach, supported by measurable metrics has enabled us to implement a sustainable system with complete team buy-in. Our revenue and overall business results are back on track as a result of the process improvements that David helped us identify and implement.

Ella Leeper, CEO Desert Paper & Envelope Co.
David is an exceptional Organization Development professional bringing years of experience as a manager to the work. He is thorough and dedicated, always bringing a passion for inquiry and learning to his work with clients. I’d especially recommend David’s work in managing large complex projects that require interface with multiple stakeholders.

Kristin Browning-Mezel, CEO Hot Shot Services
BV Alan did a good job of accurately identifying the opportunities to improve, and reflected a personal interest in our business. I felt like a valued customer and would recommend BV Alan to other companies dealing with process improvement issues.

Molly Bell, Vice President, Rio Grande
Rio Grande chose BV Alan because of their experience with executive coaching and a background with manufacturing industries. BV Alan approached the issue professionally and performed their work in a timely manner. I would recommend BV Alan to anyone who could benefit from their services.

Shari Montoya, Rio Grande
We first engaged BV Alan for strategic planning and implementation. That, in turn, evolved into executive coaching. I liked what I saw of BV Alan in action, especially their understanding of the financial and reporting complexities of non-profits. BV Alan gave realistic solutions, personalized for NM MEP’s use. They built trust and understanding of and with the organization. BV Alan is definitely a referral when NM MEP clients need help.

Jennifer Sinsabaugh, Interim Executive Director, NM Manufacturing Extension Partnership
I have owned a successful small business for many years, but found myself struggling to get to the next level, and to prepare for an eventual exit. BV Alan was able to guide and advise me to become a more effective and strategic manager. They also helped us develop robust position expectations that enabled our department managers to move in a positive direction by giving them structure, coaching and driving accountability. BV Alan made the difference I was looking for!

Ralph Bronk, Founder & President, Mountain High Lawn, Tree and Landscape
BV Alan is a great resource, knowledgeable in how the day-to-day operations of a company should run, in systems, strategizing and following through. They know of, or can find resources to help with company operations. For me, working with BV Alan was positive experience, and I learned a lot about business strategies, interacting with coworkers and the working styles people have.

Kristina Maclean, Business Operations Manager, Mountain High Lawn, Tree and Landscape
My company recently completed a human capital management project with BV Alan, and Dave did a great job for us. Developing processes to manage people effectively is a learned skill, and Dave’s team brought significant experience to our efforts.

Jason Kramer, Managing Director Vital Findings
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