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BV Alan business consulting services include HR and OD expertise and proven tools to tackle your biggest business problems. Experienced BV Alan business consultants work directly with you and your stakeholders to:


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BV Alan Business Consulting Services

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We believe that employees are a company’s greatest asset and thus they deserve the greatest investment of time. We believe in integrating assessments to understand the strengths of every individual. We utilize this information along with a variety of management tools and philosophies to help you create high performing self-sustaining teams so that you can achieve extraordinary results long after we have exited your company.

People Systems

>>  Role Development & Evaluation
>>  Talent Selection
>>  Employee Engagement
>>  Team Design
>>  Management Development
>>  Leadership Development
>>  Transition Management

Optimizing Operations

>>  Benchmarking
>>  Process Improvement
>>  Project Management
>>  Systems Improvement
>>  Workflow
>>  Implementation
>>  LEAN
>>  Quality Management
>>  Safety
>>  Inventory Management
>>  Interim Operations Management

Business Transformation

>>  Strategic Planning
>>  Goals and Objectives
>>  Organization Design
>>  Roadmap Development
>>  Implementation Plans
>>  Change Management
>>  Communication

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We believe and align our work in a manner that allows us to resolve issues and teach you how to break down your processes and procedures into manageable steps. This technique removes the complexity and allows you to approach things in the most simplistic fashion. Utilizing systemic thinking we tie the components back together to support the larger goal and generate improved results. After all, the whole is only as good as the sum of the parts.

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Business Transformation

Success is the result of hiring and retaining “A” level talent and then providing them with the tools, systems, and robust business processes to generate extraordinary results. We take a data oriented root cause approach to identify more effective ways to deliver the intended results. The improvements we help you generate and position you to sustain are the result of people and processes becoming aligned to generate a desired result.